Friday, September 19, 2008

for talk like a pirate day:

"In th' mirrors o' many judgments me hands be th' color o' blood. I be a part o' th' evil that exists in th' world an' in Shadow. I sometime fancy me-self an evil which exists t' oppose other evils. I destroy Melkins when I find them, an' on that Great Tide o' which prophets speak but in which they do nay truly b'lieve, on that tide when th' world be completely swabbed o' evil, then I, too, will go down into tha dark, swallowin' wannions. Perhaps e'en sooner than that, I na ken. But whatere... Until that time, I shall nay wash me hands nor let them hang useless."

--Corwin "Th' Cannons o' Avalon" by Roger Zelazny