Tuesday, April 22, 2003

gah, it was supposed to be a simple section on technological progress in supercomputing, and it turned out to be a can of worms. my nice neat projections have been fucked by new information, so the threats file is another week while i rework the model. not that anyone was anticipating it, i'm just saying.

Thursday, April 17, 2003

the Threats file is coming along nicely, it should be done in a day or so.


Tuesday, April 08, 2003

I've decided to stop making planning statements, because my opinions change faster than i can track these days.

all I can do is approximate planning on best current information.

that being said, let me say what I'm currently doing, so people can stay informed, and I can feel i'm using this blog to self organize effectively.

-running customjobz.com (projects and maintinence, with some xml authoring for good measure)
-gathering articles and features for Mad Scientist Magazine v1
-writing a python version of CopyCat(a spare time affair)
-writing a Threats file (basically a state of the world essay, with all major risks and problems detailed largely for a transhumanist/singularitian audience within the US)
-drawing.(another spare time affair, unfortunately)
-research (this includes a lot of things, but my research schedule is a little crowded and slow)
-hopefully working out (this should happend more often)
-sanity retention activities(this includes movies, friends, and girlfriend time)
-shadowrun(this should really be in the above category, but it's been taking up a decent amount of time lately)

this list is in the order of realpolitik priority. That order which is neccesary to stay alive and all that rot. ideally of course, this list would look much different. But we'll see.

good luck in your struggles
the less apt a man is to make declarative statements, the less likely he is to seem a fool in retrospect.