Saturday, March 04, 2006

US Government attempts to ban chemistry

CPSC has asked for an injunction preventing chemical suppliers like United Nuclear from selling, giving away, or otherwise distributing a long list of basic chemicals and materials to people without an ATF explosives license.

To enforce this injunction of course, they also want chemicals supplies to keep detailed records on their customers to provide the CPSC.

This will destroy a lot of things. Most model hobbies will be severely affected, amateur rocketry will be destroyed(the ATF license costs a thousand dollars and many will be turned down). fireworks made by private individuals, even some small manufacturers will be trouble.

This will also severely affect the new and shaky Maker culture springing up on the internet. Amateur robotics, already a difficult field to get started in, will get even harder.

I donated 25 dollars because it's what I had on me. I'll be following this story, I'll tell you what else happens.

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