Thursday, April 06, 2006

J. Steven York's Multiplex of the Mind: Writers and other delusional people

A good article about writers and writing.

A little background is required for those of your who never wanted to be writers. What he's specifically railing against here are agents who promise to get you published, if you pay them a fee, and publishers who do that same thing. Many justify it, saying that the financial risk needs to be offset, and you will in any case, quickly recoup the fees in royalty.

As he points out, this sort of thing continues to be popular because those fees are NOT recouped in royalty, and in fact end up just being fat to a publisher or agent who does little or nothing on your behalf. It amounts to very expensive vanity publishing.

Once I thought I would primarily be a writer, and still have some plans to write, although other things have interceded. What I will end up writing may not be a book, but it will be something.

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