Saturday, June 17, 2006


evidence for an extraordinary claim must be proportioned to its strangeness

Pierre-Simon Laplace - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In my work, I am often struck by a vast sense of history. Many of the problems I struggle with have a rich and storied history, whereby I succeed merely by having lived after many great scientists.

Today we had a business lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, in partial celebration for Philip Van Eeden and John Burges joining the project.

Aside from work, my life is quite full, with crystal and the new apartment, and all the interesting happenings lately. I plan on taking a break after things slow down some years from now to properly appreciate all the interesting literature being produced, but for the time being, I've had to restrict my reading to things of more immediate interest, academic or professional use, and light and mindless recreation in those few spare and idle moments I have.

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