Sunday, September 17, 2006 To Reign in Hell: Books: Steven Brust

"Snow, tenderly caught by eddying breezes, swirled and spun in to and out of bright, lustrous shapes that gleamed against the emerald-blazoned black drape of sky and sparkled there for a moment, hanging, before settling gently to the soft, green-tufted plain with all the sickly sweetness of an over-written sentence."

Wow. That's one heck of a first sentence. Just now investigating Brust, I started here, as it was endorsed with a foreword by Roger Zelazny.

I went to visit the Blancos today, and bade 'happy birthday' to several people. It was a nice few hours, although I came back quickly and am back working again.

I'm happy to say that things at work are very interesting and productive, and more discussion on the subject of AI is happening on the various internet fora I'm connected to.

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