Sunday, November 05, 2006

outlawpoet's Friends

livejournal was down for most of the day on saturday, which was annoying. I like to see what people are doing on the weekend, and their livejournals are often a convenient way to do so.

A good day at work, without the new guy here, I managed to get a new test mostly finished and into the system. Also, I managed to stir up a hornets nest of issues that will probably resolve into either irrelevancy or interesting new tasks by tomorrow.

I managed a respectable 2057 words today, although I started very late and am still behind. I finished the first chapter, and am finally getting into the plot.

The world is so weird that I'm afraid I'm still infodumping a lot(a term limyaell uses) but I try to do it from my character's perspective.

Also, my character, entirely against expectations, ran out and awkwardly started to seduce a confederate, Bond-style. I really did not have any such thing in the outline, but it really made too much sense to avoid. I'm trying to avoid descending into erotic fantasy, but the way things are going, I'm going to have to work out just what kind of mating rituals these magical freaks have.

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