Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wii Fit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Wii Fit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This, THIS, is what will finally break down my poor crystal's continuing resistance to the culture of gaming.

Crystal hates video games with a passion, and it's always been my intention to slowly wean her into some measure of acceptance, because I rather like them, both personally, and in the abstract.

As many know, she's passionate about health, and yoga in particular, working part time as an instructor while she goes to school. There have been many 'exercise as game' attempts, the most sophisticated on the ps2 (which kept a log of your exercise, and adjusted your schedule and workouts to feedback), but the Wii was the first console with 'activity' as an all around focus to the console.

It was just announced that Wii Fit will include a peripheral to measure weight, balance, and foot positions, allowing the game to track many things about your exercise. I'm sure that there will also be a lot of use of the Wiimote as well.

but best of all, the instructional portion is said to include YOGA POSES, which I know crystal will not be able to resist. She loves doing yoga videos, and this one will be interactive and intelligent.

There is no escape.

15010 steps

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