Sunday, August 12, 2007 Reviews for Crooked Little Vein: A Novel: Books: Warren Ellis

Crooked Little Vein is fan-freaking tastic, of this I had no doubt. It even overshadowed my other delivery this week, "Spook Country" by William Gibson, because it's got punching power above it's weight class.

Disgusting, funny, surprisingly heartwarming. I see a lot of reviews deriding Ellis for making things up to try to shock. I have bad news for these people. With the exception of the Roanake family, everything in this novel has a real-life counterpart I can think of. Yes, even the porn farm, and the MHP. Life is weird, people are weird, long live the internet.

Buy this book. It's handily pocket sized, and twice as much fun as books three times as big.

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