Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Today I turn 27!

I'm happy and alive and working, and making progress. So now it's time for my favorite game, comparing myself to historical figures!

People who accomplished cool things but died at/before 27:
√Čvariste Galois(20)
Emilio Jacinto(23)
Manfred von Richthofen "The Red Baron" "Ace of Aces"(25)
Jimi Hendrix(27)
Jim Morrison(27)

People who I admire who had not yet done anything by 27:
Che Guevara (didn't meet Fidel until he was 27-28)
Norman Borlaug(went to Mexico to research crops at 29)
Alexander Fleming(discovered Penicillin at 47)
Buckminster Fuller(began his "experiment" at 32 after losing his daughter)
Francis Bacon (wrote no major works until he was 36, political success even later)

Ok, narcissistic comparison ended. Yay for birthdays.


Anonymous said...

Why do you admire Che Guevara?

Marianne said...

This is encouraging. Unfortunately I'm older than you so I can only be mostly encouraged, but I guess I'll take what I can get. How about doing one for someone who is turning, say, 29 this year?
P.S. Isn't it creepy when you post something in livejournal and then one of the freaks on there goes and tracks you down? Cursed search engine nation!!!

outlawpoet said...

thankfully, only two of my late bloomers are younger than you, so you can still be mostly encouraged.

I shouldn't think it too hard to find my blogspot, it's linked from my livejournal page(or at least it used to be).

nowadays I post mostly short links and comments on my tumblr and update blogger and livejournal very rarely.

to anonymous, I think that Che, regardless of what you think of his politics, accomplished a great deal. His rigorous, principled approach to his goals inspired many, and his words shaped south american politics to this day.

He understood military and infrastructure matters very clearly, and his success there lent a great deal of weight to his words. Obviously, as an enemy of the US, appreciation of his accomplishments is problematic.