Wednesday, September 17, 2003

1 "What's the word for when you embarass yourself in front of someone, and you know that the relationship will never exactly be equal again, but you still want to be friends?"

2 "There isn't one."

1 "Oh. I thought there might be."

1 "what about, that word that means that you know for sure that something has just happened and you will try the rest of your life to forget it, despite the fact that it changes a lot of things you should probably try to keep track of?"

2 "Theres no word for that either"

1 "what about the word that means you've just realized that you'll never kiss someone because they know how you feel about them, and while they're not opposed to the idea, the fact that you liked them before they liked you will always poison any feelings that might arise?"

2 "there isn't a single word for that moment"

1 "what about, when you know that something will never ever ever happen again?"

2 "that's 'over'"

1 "Yeah, I was afraid that might be it."

apologies to Sandman

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