Wednesday, September 03, 2003

The above post may be unclear, I don't hate microsoft, and in some cases appreciate their initiatives, but I don't use or buy their products, nor do I endorse their use. Windows is a silly, unstable and static operating system that gives me data loss and headaches. I can't see reciprocating for that by giving them money. For people still addicted to their inertia OS choices, I recommend redhat or SUSE linux for ease of use. They both have integrated CD installation, and are more useful than windows right out of the box.

Not to mention they both react much faster to new hardware, new security issues, and new software availability. About the only issue is games. Some people love their games, some of which are windows-only. For these people, I recommend Tribes 2, and the upcoming Doom3, both of which are released natively for linux. And if you absolutely must have all mainstream games, buy a Macintosh. At least they have a reliable software platform.

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