Wednesday, December 31, 2003


It's sad that advertisers aren't more daring. The few advertisements I see like this don't nearly make up for the hundreds of boring and repetitive ads I forget seeing in every magazine, TV show, and website. One should make bold strides in art, even one so poorly directed and pathetically sychophantic as product marketing.

I'm not sure how I shall spend my new years, even with it yawning before me. I guess it really isn't that important. Carrie is back in town, but she seems to have plans that don't include me, so I'm left without compelling alternatives. Perhaps I'll simply have a quiet holiday. I haven't been very social these last few months, so i've been trying ot make up for it during the holiday break. Thus far, I have met with mixed success. Seeing Carrie again is very bittersweet, as expected, and I have fewer parties and people to meet with when I'm attempting to than I would have thought. I suppose I should be more outgoing. Eris only knows how many people in my immediate environment I don't know, or haven't bothered to meet. Communication is a skill, one that I must be better at, if I am to do well.

Maybe social recreational opportunities isn't the best metric for this, but it does signify something. Perhaps I'm spending less time nowadays on keeping up frivolous associations. A nice thought, from some perspective.

Writing on a submission for the Book Project continues. Even if I can't get it into the book it's been an interesting process. Research with a specific near term goal is so satisfying. Quite unlike long-range planning.

Be safe on New Years.

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