Thursday, December 04, 2003

goats: strip from October / 29 / 2003

I have entirely too many T shirts. I was cleaning out the closet the other day, looking for formalware, (I have to go to a memorial service) and I realized that Tshirts are vastly over represented proportionally to other clothing items.

I began worrying whether I had too many because I was falling victim to marketing, as Tshirt sellers are wide and more numerous than vendors of other clothingstuffs. But upon reflection, most of my shirts were obtained for free or from friends/family.

I'm often worried that I'm not spending money or time properly, and check and recheck my past actions and expenditures, though I'm rarely ever surprised or ashamed at what I find. I suppose if I had more free time, or discretionary money, the purchases that made less sense would begin to occur more. As it is, about the only thing I do too much of is drive around. Gas is expensive.

I have been planning for some time, to move to a different city, but things keep being pushed back. I'm trying to achieve some measure of financial independence so I can spend more time doing things I prefer to. I'm also auditing some math courses at the local college, to try and plug my stunning ignorance in this area.

I suppose I shouldn't feel that it's time wasted, I'm still pretty young, and need to learn and establish in order to be more effective. But setup is tedious. And learning is fun, but somewhat depressing occasionally, as learning sometimes consists mostly of mapping the area and depth of your ignorance. Useful information, but still unhappy.

I may never be good at exploratory coding, but it won't be for lack of trying.

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