Monday, September 27, 2004

Back in California.

I return with a new bracelet and some nifty Earl Grey tea.

this was an all-crystal all the time trip, so next trip, which will hopefully be late october, will include visits with friends and family.

it was lots of fun, also new news

a2i2, will be attending the Accelerating Change Conference in November. I'll be coming along to soak up any available wisdom, and spread the good news of artificial intelligence research through the land.

we're not actually looking for any new money or partners, but we are always on the lookout for sharp talent, because we have high standards. So perhaps we'll find someone there. That would be cool.

Also, sometime next year after we hit our milestones we /will/ be looking for more investors and partners to help us scale up the project. And networking cannot be done too far in advance.

This of course dovetails nicely with my own personal plans for world domination. I generally haven't expressed much personal enthusiasm for conferences and the like. They are very social events. But in the context of company networking, it certainly seems more worthwhile. I also admit that I haven't been as inclusive in some of evaluations of the state of affairs in the small world of futurists, scientists, and thinkers I operate in, in a loose sense.

I hope that this will spark personal projects and profitability, as well as more mundane intertalk with people I meet.

Wish us luck. We're hoping to have some interesting things to talk about in six weeks too, so that may be fortunate timing.

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