Thursday, April 21, 2005

you know, despite the various implementations, I'd never really looked at wikis before. That's some low cost authorship.

if anyone here hasn't noted all the great wikis out there, I heartily recommend a little browsing.

the canonical:
The PersonalTelco Project

There are many tiny and strange wikis out there, as well as large and impersonal. Lately, wikis are popular enough to be more than just a genre, people are using wikis to accomplish many different things in many different ways.

I personally am interested in wikis for documenting and collating my extensive personal notes. Some time ago I did a lot of work for a document system, which all disappeared. But I've had many ideas since, and may resurrect the project, taking better advantage of other people's work, and probably doing it in python, rather than as a mozilla XUL app, which I was never very comfortable with anyway.

I also occasionally contribute and more often read the sl4 wiki.

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