Monday, May 16, 2005

Some interesting things today, I staved off metro police attention by getting an extension on a traffic ticket, and helping josh wander about to get a light fixed on the company limo.

Crystal is back safely to Utah, and I'm getting back in earnest to work.

I have some theoretical programming studying I'm doing in my copious off-time, Knuth's Art of Computer Programming, and a C# cookbook from Oreilly are up for a closer read. I'm mostly satisfied with my programming, (it's workman-like, and slow, but usually decently factored by the time I get done with it), but with so much coming up, I really feel I need to get familiar, fast, and more 'authoritative'. Usually I'm quite satisfied with my autodidactism, but the completeness of formal study confers some advantages I have to admit.

Another project is to revive my on-again, off-again personal productivity software, which has task time clocks, and schedulers and onscreen alarms and such. I don't know when, but sometime soon I need to get that up and running again, both for comparative study, to see how my work habits have drifted since I last used it, and to see if I can improve it to the point where it's not too annoying to use all the time. We'll see. I have some new window's hooking tricks now from work, so perhaps it can automagically do everything without any need for clicking.

It's been a bit silent in the world of AI, except for the occasional internal chatter, and a bit of articles and rehashes. No major fallout from Jeff Hawkins yet, heard a bit about Goertzel indirectly, No new pronouncements or projects. I've been snooping about narrow-AI and related websites like Generation5, some of them almost seem like they could be pushed into interesting-ness with a few submitted articles, but who has the time. We'll see.

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