Wednesday, January 11, 2006

BBC NEWS | World | Asia-Pacific | Man's static jacket sparks alert

Just noticed this. That's some serious static.

Here at a2i2, we've been very busy. We had someone here to try working with us, unfortunately it didn't work out.

Crystal went home on sunday, which is sad. We're plotting to get her out here for a longer period of time when she's out of school. As much as I like these mini-vacations of visiting back and forth, I'd much rather be around her on a more regular (if less intense) basis. It would be less disruptive, and more fun, I think. A sense of normalcy is worth a lot, sometimes.

I'm considering gathering up news and resources on intelligence in a weekly blog or something, which may be of interest to my friends who fancy themselves plugged into the stuff that makes us behave and feel the way we do, and how our potential children will think as well.

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