Monday, May 03, 2004 (video/quicktime Object)

There is something about this commercial that gives me energy, makes me feel, great.

would that we all had such energy. I play it this morning, to make me feel alive.

I saw Man on Fire yesterday, finally.

It is as I said earlier Denzel can play damned characters better than anyone. This movie is another piece of wonderfulness. It contains over the top lines, insanity, Favorite that you've probably already seen in the trailer:

"A man can be an artist, in anything. It just depends on how good he is at it. Creisy's art is death. And he's about to paint his masterpiece. He'll deal out more justice, than ten years of your courts, just stay out of his way."

The movie is full of irrational, crazy people acting in irrational crazy ways. But the forcible conclusions are implacable, and obvious from the beginning. Creisy finds some place of normalcy, some dignity, some joy. And it's ripped from him. And so in response he falls, falls into depravity and violence and hatred ever more terrible than even before he was saved.

Ah the tragic fugue.

I think I will buy this movie. not for the violence, or the for the explosions, or even for beautiful artistic tony scott moments(of which there are perhaps too many).

but for the silences, the quiet moments he manages to find in all this orgiastic slaughter.

Creisy floating in a pool, crying, his wounds staining the water around him as he tries to heal.

Lupita's mother and Creisy, sitting in her room, unable to say anything.

Creisy, standing in the rain, the question so obvious on his face. "why am I still alive?". Lupita's face at the window, for a moment.

She's a wonderful actress, that little girl. I hope she doesnt' grow up like drew barrymore. I hope she keeps making films where I don't mind that the director has an agenda. And that I rewrite in my dreams the next time I sleep.

I had a good sunday.

And I'll have a good week. I think.

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