Friday, May 28, 2004

Interesting day today.

Well, yesterday.

We made a big upgrade to our categorization logic, which gave me a lot to do today. With all the changes and simultaneous additions, I got to spend today separating the variables, and stepping through the process to find all the interesting new behaviors.

I also got to the beach, a bit of exercise.

I went to the Local City Library to see if they had Octavio Paz(there's a pretty good spanish section around here) Whilst I was out I went over to Rainbow Acres, this health food store we order from. I missed picking up the last shipment, and had to re-order, and thought they might have it today. I might have guessed, they were not hopeful about the delivery chances. They said they'd call me when it came in. :-(

I guess I can't be upset, since it's my own fault for missing the first shipment, but I can't help but wish more companies had integrated supply relationship like Amazon or other direct order companies. They have nearly no standing inventory, but manage to get you your order within a few days. Business to Business communication has really been revolutionized by the internet.

It always bothers me when people say 'internet' and mean the web. The internet is a hell of a lot more than webpages, and most of the interesting bits aren't accessible via browser.

Hmm, sleep, I think.

My Radial Basis Network Component 0wnz j00.

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