Monday, May 31, 2004

SL4 Wiki: CollectiveVolition

Interesting thing. I've deleted my original comments, as the paper has changed somewhat, but I expect to re-enter them predictably soon, when I have a concrete reaction.

This morning we went on a decent length hike up the santa monicas with peter, josh, todd, louise, and I. Me and Peter spent a good deal of the hike talking about this paper, it's relationship to the work we're doing, and our own ideas on the subject. We of course, didn't manage to explore everything, but I found a good deal of things to think about, it was very absorbing.

Also, the mountains, lovely. There are some really smashing homes up there, which we saw at various heights and perspectives as we tromped upward and back. It would really be lovely to be able to live in a place like that, I think. Of course, this is to be contrasted with my love of high density residential environments, so take that for what it's worth.

Crystal is thinking of visiting me this month, which has me rather excited. There are many lovely things around here, the beaches, the boardwalk, my nice new home, the various splendors of california. I've wanted to share them, and she may be here in as little as two weeks, if all goes well. That will be pretty nice.

Also, Emily Vaughn, yes, that Emily, for those who know me. She has been talking to me, and is getting me to possibly visit out in Baltimore for a weekend. She's putting her own money into it, so she must want to see me for real. That should happen late this month. I'd finally be able to see the city of Poe and catch up with an old old friend.

Busy times, friends.

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