Saturday, October 23, 2004

How wonderful, no?

We have keys to our new house, we'll be buying carpet tomorrow and planning our conquest.

Tonight I'm watching Anthony Hopkins do shakespeare and getting to bed.

I'm so tired of this dog and pony show, I'll be glad when the election is over, whichever monkey is elected. The thing I find so tiresome, what I dislike about anti-smoking commercials, and democrats maligning republicans, and republicans maligning democrats, and anti X fanatics of all stripes is this; They are right. Bush is a bad leader, Kerry is a sock puppet with no seeming values, smoking is bad for you. But in their zeal they embrace madness. Why lie? Why employ ridiculous lengths and futile fabrications? Isn't smoking bad enough? Isn't Bush's record bad enough? Aren't there enough examples of the failure of politicians? Why make up trumped up numbers to 'convince us' that smoking is really really bad? Why make the outrageous comparison of Bush to Hitler, of Kerry to some traitorous libelous plotter, burning medals and then using them in speeches. Isn't the truth bad enough? Why destroy what fragile credence I might give you?

It's obviously false. It's easy to see that smoking doesn't kill as many as they claim, that "smoking related fatalities" are so cleverly increased to include heart disease in smoking households, regardless of other factors. Bush isn't, and couldn't in his wildest dreams of control be Hitler's shadow, not struggling as he is to hold the reins of power through a single election, maintain a good show for a relatively small constituency of the people, with his petty dreams of slightly increased american power, limited war on limited means, repaying his commercial interests with the contracts and governmental approval they desire. Kerry is just another grasping politician, no less flawed or noble, with his focused blandness and cutting memorization skills, as he studies the polls and edits the video ads.

They are bad things. They are horrible things, sometimes. But that does not excuse the hurt you are doing to your OWN CAUSE by lying. By inflation, and by cheap theatrics. For a while there, I actually forgot that Bush was a bad president, because I was so tired of people attacking him for the wrong reasons. I starting thinking that Kerry should be shielded from comment. They're both tools who sold whatever consciences they had on the altars of power and political attainments, and I have no reservation in marking any successful politician as such that I have ever seen. Dennis Kucinich, perhaps, Sharpton, McCain, manage to avoid that distinction, in some doubt that I have about them, given what I've seen. Is Bush a fascist? Not really. Not any more than any modern politician is a fascist(a potentially troublesome statement). Fascists are big and bold and clear, and Bush is just a gerrymandering Republican, with clear and unflinching surety(for what and by whom I can't say) that he's right, and he'll be seen as right. Bad leader, certainly, and not someone I would invite over to dinner. He has played a part in a huge and costly war, which cost lives and money no one had the right to spend.

dont' fool yourself that the world changes with an election. The vote to go to war in Iraq was not close. It was very heavily supported. The CIA machinery that gave the intelligence was not built entirely by Bush. You cannot lay all the blame at his feet. We have allowed a government with terrible and inhuman aims to take up residence, that is true. But it's not republican, and it's not democratic. It's american, and it will survive whoever wins the presidential election. Beware of easy answers. If only we could beat Bush, then the world would be free.

Ach, tired and bitter at the age of 23. I'm going to bed. And then I'm going to focus on my previous assessment, that the world is getting better. I truly believe that. Our foolish aspersions aside, there is more joy and more health in the world than ever before. If we can but find the strength to leave behind the complications and problems of our past.

Politics is so easy to focus on. I'm sure an hour of medical research probably had more effect on the real lives of people than many countless hours carrying plaques bearing the name of some grubbing electoral wanna-be.

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