Tuesday, October 19, 2004

outlawpoet@hell.com is back online, thank you Gu.

we've settled on a place, over on 81st in Playa Del Rey, not too far from here. It'll be more than a block from the beach, which is too bad, and no longer withint walking distance of the venice boardwalk, but I suppose I survived before I could do that for lunch.

We'll be moving the 27th, so some packing soon, as well as getting carpets and other things down before the furniture.

Then on Nov 5, of course, the Accellerating Change conference.

I would like to go back to SLC for a thanksgiving area visit, as my proposed visit in october was rather thrashed by this move and other things.

I guess I visit slc a great deal. particularly given my limited funding. But I care a great deal for crystal and my friends there. I moved out to LA solely for this job. I work most of the time, beause it is my passion, and this is a chance to do real ground-breaking research.

One interesting possibility is that with the new house, I have much more private space, and can have crystal visit me here.

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