Thursday, July 29, 2004

ah, to whom it may concern, lovely news. my trip schedule this month has been finalized. I'll be traveling to the city by the desert, Salt Lake City, on august 8th, until the 13th. That was the best time to visit, when I'll be seeing friends and helping crystal to celebrate her birthday, and mine as well, in a belated fashion.

tomorrow I turn 23. which is something of an accomplishment, I suppose. I missed celebrating my birthday last year, so I hope to have a nice time.

also, concerning Noel's wedding. I have not yet purchased the tickets, but am planning on visiting from friday to monday, for a trip august 27th-august 30th.

all in all that adds up to 7 whole days , which is a bit more than I would like. I suppose it's about the same as the number of weekend days in a month. But I would prefer to spread my trips out a bit more.

happy birthday, everyone out there aging. I'm looking forward to getting older, as it's just been better as time goes on.

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