Wednesday, January 28, 2004

goats: strip from August / 01 / 2003

You know, I must say, I harbor great affection for many females, but this has to be one of the great drawbacks. My weapons of logic and reason are useless against them. Or wait, no, I can't think of any males for whom these weapons work either. So I guess it's really just all people.


Continuing on more logical things, I have been reading some submissions for the Imminst Book, and was struck by the sheer variety of grammatical structure. To really do well here, I think I'm going to have to read some kind of authoritative text on accepting diverse lingual traditions. Maybe I'm some kind of crypto-language-bigot, but I just have the urge to tear apart all these pieces, and rewrite them on the author's behalf. Because contrary to what you see here, I actually can construct fairly literate prose, if need be.

It does make my head hurt, on occasion.

In other news, reading several books on various and sundry theories of mind can make even as liberal a reader as I feel conflicted. I don't know exactly what to criticize first..

some of the books:

Churchland's Engine of Reason
Picard's Affective Computing
Margolis' Patterns, Thinking, and Cognition

Also managed to jam in a reread of some key articles in the ever-excellent MITECS, which all of you should have read by now. And a quick scan of some online articles, which I'll link to gratuitously now:

Concept Clustering and knowledge integration from a children's dictionary

Real-Time Pattern Isolation and Recognition over immersive sensor data streams

Citeseer | Financial Volatility Trading using Recurrent Neural Networks

that's enough for the moment. Interesting, yes, directly relevant, perhaps not.

you know what I could use? some noradrenaline.

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