Thursday, January 15, 2004

Harley Giveaway for Java Job

uh, whoa. This guy is motivated. If you know of a Java Position in the area, or have some insider dig, forward him the info and get a Harley!


I think everyone should be so motivated to do what they want to do. I'm very excited about this chance to work for Peter Voss down in LA. If I had a Harley, I'd give it to him. (Course, what would I be doing with a Harley?)

I'll be in LA from tommorro until tuesday. I'll be probably reachable within 12 hours or so by email. Busy times my friends.

Oh, also, the deadline for submissions to the Imminst Book Project is today! run over to the site right now. I decided not to submit my article, as I am an editor for the book. I'll publish the article in another forum, or perhaps a later edition. Wish me luck down in LA. I'll give more information as it comes in.

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