Saturday, January 31, 2004

Willkommen zu Kalifornien

I am safely into my new home, and getting ready to start my new job. the airplane ride to LA was quick and pleasant, and All my stuff made it here safely. The computer booted up fine, no data lost.

Celebrated with a nice bit of lamb kebab down at a lebanese place quite near my new home. Talked to Micheal and Peter tonight some, and tommoro the work begins(I assume).

Also, I get to back up my data and install windows on my computer. In the meantime I'll use the Dell workstation here. I'd forgotten to bring windows xp disks, so I'll probably ask Cory to include some when my monitor is shipped here(it was too big to fit in the luggage). Cory, or Tavish if you're reading this, see if you can't get me some disks of WinXP and Visual Studio .NET 2003(I think that's the latest version. Everything else I can find on my own.) And give them to my mom. She's got my monitor still, I didn't have time to go get it prepped to ship today.

I also need to look around for a martial arts shop, I mostly self-train without tools, but I couldn't bring my bokken with me(too long) and I find it helpful when working on aikido maneuvers.

I hope that everyone has a nice Super Bowl Weekend. I look forward to the commercials. Let me know if you have a favorite.

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