Wednesday, January 28, 2004

The more I think about the above, the more it hurts me. This guy replaces a dual g5 system with much more memory and harddrive space, and a better video card with a system that's got a lower core clock speed, is two generations older chip architecture, single processor, lower FSB, and has to make do with onboard video because it has no AGP slot.

why would you do this? Why would you spend more money to make a crappier computer? If he doesn't like Apple so much why not just run Yellow dog linux and at least take advantage of good hardware? Oh wait, this guy probably doesn't even know what that is. He cites a major reason for this 'mod' as 'I don't have any programs for apple, and I don't feel like waiting'. So now he doesn't have to wait. He can just keep using Windows XP. After all, he uses the computer mostly for internet and burning music/DVDs, and we all know that Macintoshes don't have software to do that bundled with them or anything. So yeah, he probably would have really had to look to duplicate that functionality.

It's like the god of ignorance has manifested an avatar upon the internet, Lo! he is the very son of imbecility...

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