Monday, January 26, 2004

outlawpoet daily

I've said a lot of things in the time I've had this blog. I was reading through some of the archives. Outlawpoet Daily has run since September 18, 2002. I certainly didn't manage to make it daily, though I've burst speed in excess of that on occasion.

Early on, I posted theory and thought, and I still do that, though lately I've been more experiential and bloggish, showing my activities, thoughts and websites I visit. I think that communicating is an art you can't get better at without practice. And I would hope that this counts as a kind of writing practice. I am glad I started this blog. It counts time, shows changes, and helps me distill the many things I keep inside myself into words, a talent I still don't have in abundance.

But I look and smile. I'm a different person now. I capitalize words less, write more clearly. I have clear standards for what works and what doesn't on this format. I don't think I have many readers, and that's not the point. This isn't a cry for attention or a newsblog. It's me, Corwin, Outlawpoet, Justin. My life, my thoughts and my history. If you're interested, you can read. But if you don't, I'll keep writing.

I'm looking at my new watch, and I think I'll get some sleep. I hope that this blog lasts a long time and that I get to laugh at the idea that two years could be a long time.

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