Tuesday, June 08, 2004


I'm back in the world of the internet. I just spend the weekend in SLC, being disconnected, seeing friends, hanging out with Crystal, and generally having a good time.

The backlog of emails upon my return was truly horrifying, but I soldier on.

I also get to work on my very interesting tasks here at a2i2 again. You know you have it bad when you miss your job when you're dozing in the arms of a beautiful girl. I actually took notes on some ideas I had whilst away, and upon getting back, tried implementing them. Note to self, don't trust yourself when away from a computer. Really, my quality of ideas when I can't google, can't check the codebase, can't easily experiment is much reduced. Perhaps this points towards the need for a laptop? I don't know. I have a relatively old laptop here, but it has a failed battery, and I'm reluctant to spend any money getting it working.

Ah, the sea, I missed it.

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