Saturday, June 26, 2004

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What if our emotions were closer to the edges of human accomplishment, rather than ancestral problems?

What kind of TV shows would we watch? What kinds of sports would be interesting to us?

We watch football and enjoy martial arts movies because they speak to primal places to us. We watch romantic comedies and tragedies because they are stories we have lived and told since time immemorial.

I honestly don't know what will happen, if we gain even the smallest rudest ability to redirect our interests and emotions. Perhaps we'll all be off like shots, laughing our heads off at incomprehensible jokes, and watching entertainment that revolves around increasingly complicated central premises.

Or perhaps we'll continue to be shaped by our human directionality, and we'll simply get team sports doing ever more interesting things, and other elaborations of human-space entertainment.

It's strange. When one contemplates great change and great possibility, I get an odd rush of protectiveness about the way I am now, and think about staying in this space for a while to really appreciate it, before running off and doing odd things willy-nilly. This tendency has grown stronger, the more I delve into futurism.

My conception of 'staying around this space' is quite different than most, I imagine.

"You can have all the bananas you want, but that's not the point." someone once said. Well, perhaps not. But I would still like to take this opportunity to enjoy the kinds of bananas I haven't heretofore been able to get, before rocketing to whatever destination I find interesting eventually.

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