Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Well, yesterday Alexis went back to Texas with Marni, his girlfriend.

Sadly, Alexis won't be joining our merry band here at A2I2, but I hope the best for him. The weekend was quite interesting regardless, and did remind me of what an interesting setup we have here. Nothing like presenting your life to a stranger to make you aware of it's ideosyncrasies.

And it's benefits. I know that I'm lucky to have such a job, where my personal ambitions mesh so well with the mandate and ambitions of others. It's too bad that everyone can't have such situations. I guess it's another argument for entreprenuer-ship, which I was planning to have to do myself when this came along. But some people, myself included, are not well suited for such things.

I have many talents but financial sense is not one of them, and not one I'm particularly interested in developing.

hmph. back to work. I do so enjoy being busy without being desperate.

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