Friday, February 06, 2004

Miami New Times | | News : Kulchur Myth Makers,Good thing Che Guevara died young,

Che Guevara is going to be pretty big soon, with movies and such coming out glorifying his short life as a 'professional revolutionary'. I hope that at least some of them make clear his violence, his straighforward goals of communism, fraternity, and insurgency. Che isn't a rebel, he was a man who believed in a political cause enough to kill for it. Those are two very different things.

I think that Che was brilliant, his handbook on guerrila action is still applicable and utilized. Nearly as cogent as Mao's. But his brilliance, effectiveness, and idealism hardly polish away his leadership of military police in cuba, his rage and hatred of US imperialism. It will be interesting to see how they blunt these things. It's one thing to print him on a tshirt, or dress up like him on an album cover, it's quite another to get someone to play him onscreen. Although I do think Benecio del Toro is an inspired choice, given the right script.

turn up some Rage today, and ponder your own thoughts on this professional revolutionary that is being turned into an advertising tool.

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