Sunday, February 01, 2004

Remind me to thank the inventor of pepto-bismol pills if/when I meet him. I was suddenly nauseous tonight, with body aches, and quite intense stomach pains, in addition to the headache I already mentioned below.

A little bit of taking it, some micro-napping, and two doses of pepto-bismol pills, and I'm well enough to type, the headache seems to be leaving, and while I remain affected by a little tingling, and delicate nature, I'm confident tonight will end in sleep without vomit.

I speculate that this was brought on by lack of sleep, enthusiastic eating of the last two days, and the novel local microbes and bacteria. I imagine I'll be better fairly quickly. But it caught me much by surprise.

I'm struck yet again by how spotty, unpredictable and relatively powerless personal medicine remains. I'm sure a doctor of some kind could have given me a more detailed analysis and perhaps some strategies to help reduce it fairly quickly, but my only recourse is to hit it with pain relievers, diet, water, teas, bed rest, and a few specialized medications like pepto-bismol. This is true for most personal health questions. Up to a certain 'seriousness' bound, you're expected to just grit your teeth and take bodily disorders and diseases. Then after that bound is exceeded, you can go to a doctor and test for 'major' syndromes.

Arg, even more egregiously, it's stalemated me in terms of making useful work or contributions tonight. Maybe, I can consider starting some work now, shaky as I still am.

mm, still enthusiastic and happy, despite my body's best efforts otherwise. welcome to all sides of LA, I guess, including microscopic.

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