Saturday, February 21, 2004

outlawpoet daily

It's amusing, I sort of started my blog with the dual reasons of informing, and giving myself a pressure release, so I don't have to write as much down. And as wordy and insane as I get on here sometimes, the sad part it, it's working. Much of what is just two pages or so of text would have been much longer in a personal context. So despite the investment, this blog is actually saving me time.

That is really sad, when I think about it too much, that I was spending that much time on writing projects privately. Most of which were never published. Instant publishing wins again.

I should ask some of the writers amongst my friends if blogging affects how much they write. I suppose not many people find themselves in the position of managing how much they indulge their creativity. More evidence of maladjusted behavior.

Another positive thing is that I don't generally show my private projects to anyone else, ever. This blog is available to anyone who wants to look. It's lower quality, and not as detailed, but if genius unexpressed isn't much worth it, in general terms.

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