Friday, February 20, 2004


didn't make it down to the beach today, but plan to do so tomorro. The sun is a new friend of mine that I am determined to get to know better.

Strange things are a happening in other places though. My friend Noel nearly gives me cardiac trouble when he announces his engagement to one Amanda Stamp. They of course live in Cincinnati, where he is attending the UC DAAP program.

My friends in Salt Lake City seemingly decided that once I was gone it was safe to have interesting things happen, with Tim reappearing in Game, Liz having scholarly issues, and her first migraines, and Elizabeth moving out, Jer bein clever, and Loren throwing out his virtual and actual stuff. (bring back posertechnique!). My brother independently invented perpetual motion, and who knows what else.

I am concentrating on building high-quality sand castles and wave breaking walls. When I'm not working. I plan on achieving fame and fortune through sand-crafting and engineering excellence.

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