Monday, March 15, 2004

I've been off this thing for too long. Have to keep in the habit! A plane ditched into the Marina del Rey beach today, a little two person beechcraft. It had Millenium StationAir TC on the tail. The pilot did a decent job of it, although it was a crappy place to ditch. He managed to get mostly parallel to the beach, and avoid the lifeguard huts and wires. He got in slow enough that it didn't cartwheel when it touched down, and the plane got about 15 meters before the sand ripped the front wheel off. After that things kind of went to hell. The plane nosed into the sand, and the prop went nuts, flew all to pieces. Then the back wheels were ripped off, and the plane started to slide sideways, and one wing promptly snapped off as soon as it touched the sand. It came to rest about a hundred feet from where it first hit the sand, nose buried in the ground, tail in the air. When the people were gone, they left a security guard , and put cones around the plane, as well as the trench it left in the sand. Police reasons, I suppose.

I probably would have ditched into the ocean. There are too many people on the beaches, he could have killed someone.

I had a fun weekend. Dinner with my dad and sister. But it's time to get back to work. ph34r the skillz!

Heh heh, in IRC today I got to explain why you still matter in a Many Worlds interpretation of QM. ph34r the timeless 4d universe!

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