Sunday, March 28, 2004

(Now Playing) Jimi Hendrix -The Wind Cries Mary

Today has been interesting, at turns exciting and sad. Cory is in bad trouble. I may be visiting SLC next month, to see if I can help out, and offer support.

Interesting times on the project, lots of good progress.

Got my ass handed to me on KGS today. It was a lot of fun. I enjoy learning a lot, and I certainly freaking learned a lot.

Got a bunch of emails today from local folk from orkut and/or other internet forums. So I may have a more social month coming up than this last one. That will be nice. People from LA Futurists, and things like that. A friend of Richard's.

It's been pretty quiet lately, which is why I kind of welcomed this crisis. I really hope it gets resolved, but it does draw one out. I wouldn't have thought to visit Salt Lake this soon(wouldn't be able to justify it to myself). But now I may have to. It's interesting.

ach. How dark the night is. My jimi hendrix resonates...

"He cries oh girl you must be mad..
wht happened to the sweet love you and me had?
against the door he leans, and starts a scene
and his tears fall and burn a garden green..

..and so castles made of sand,
fall into the sea

be good, everyone.

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