Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Turning the Tide

okay, the world is completely different now. Ladies and gentlemen, a new blog, for your consideration. It contains the usual thoughts, ruminations, and opinions of it's author. It is varied in it's posting schedule.

And the author is a guy, like most blogs, who has something to say. The difference? this blog is by NOAM CHOMSKY. noam fucking chomsky.

Noam Chomsky. This is a man who has been described by his fans and detractors as the most influential intellectual in the whole world. in the world. and he has a blog.

He uses movable type, just like half of everybody else. He has his links, to Z mag and such.

When did the world switch over? Yesterday I was logging into prodigy net, and wondering if books would be available on the internet, the next I'm reading something that Noam Chomsky wrote twelve hours ago.

Good god. There is going to be a shakedown in blogs, I think, in terms of actual readership. and Now wilwheaton is competing with Neil Gaiman and Noam Chomsky. The little blogs will remain, of course, like mine, and my friends, just to keep people up to date, but I think the days of no name folk with a good gimmick becoming the most popular blog of the world for whatever reason.. it's not going to happen anymore. blogs are hitting the big time.

for the same reasons that it hit the little time. they're fun to read, and easy to write.

famous and powerful intellectuals are lazy and silly too, i guess.

I wonder if he'll get into the habit, and start blogging about his sandwiches and crap. That would be too hilarious.

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