Monday, March 08, 2004

New Scientist

Hydrogen Fuel cells get a boost of power, using microchannel technology. Happily, it doesn't work for methanol cells(I'm not a fan of toxic wasteproducts in my electronics) so it looks like we may get straight hydrogen cells after all. Another good point is that this may spill over into large format reversible fuel cells, which are my technology of choice to take over in energy storage. (as much as I like flywheels, it hasn't been demonstrated they have the density or robustness yet. )

If this comes to market soon, you may have very long lived laptops, through battery replacement schemes. I'm not sure if that's the form-factor they're designing right now, but that's the one that would work the best. Solving the problem of long livedness would got a long way towards helping people live better, more wired lives. I need a laptop, but maybe I should wait until Apple promo's this technology.

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