Tuesday, April 20, 2004

aah, talking to my beautiful loveliness friend Jessica, who is married, and lives in St. Louis. She sent me a picture of her dog and her at the computer.


I met jessica through my old friend Isaac, whom I haven't talked to in some time(too bad that, he introduced me to MST3K, something I've never properly thanked him for.

He also shared my love of SegaCD rpgs.

She was not married at the time, obviously, and I thought her very fetching. Sadly, we never really 'in real life' got together because of various factors, and distance, and then she went and got married, and that was the end of that particular issue.

I still talk to her, though. And she has taught me quite clearly that one must be very careful about the relationships, communications, and entanglements one gets involved with. She's taught me about emotional communications, how that interaces with honesty, and what morals are involved.

I'm quite glad to know her, she has made me grow as a person, as a rationalist, and as an emotional being.

that being said, I'm still quite sad I never got in her pants. She is an object lesson, seize what you want! I am off to write an email! I shall do this email now! quickly, and with great passion. ..

and it is done.

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