Thursday, April 29, 2004

ha ha!

It's interesting. Since moving out to LA, I've often felt that my timesense was kind of compressed. The days seem longer, more is packed into a week. Perhaps it's all the activity here, plus the pace things move. I'll often get an email from someone, smile, and begin to write an email admonishing them to write more often, and realize that they wrote me a letter yesterday.

Similarly, I'll look at my blog, and blanch at four or five posts in two days. Of course, sometimes I won't have a post for half a week. It's not a responsibility, just an activity.

I like having full days, and misjudging how long it's been. It makes me feel like I'm accomplishing, and filling my time. I imagine my timesense will adjust to this new situation of people and things, and so much interaction. But for the time being, it's quite nice.

I had a meeting with Peter today, to setup a review for me, how I've been doing, stuff like that. I found it very interesting. It's odd how one can live in the same house, talk to someone every day, and certain situations can facilitate different kinds of conversation than is usually accessible to you.

It makes me feel like I should have quasi-formal meetings with all my friends, to make sure interesting things aren't hiding beneath the surface.

I wonder if part of the bliss of romantic entanglement isn't that the glow of love gives everything a tinge of importance, and you find that you are not limited to talk about what seems to skim naturally off the surface. You talk and talk and talk, and you are truly sharing everything you can with that person.

It gives new meaning to honesty, in that light. Perhaps real honesty isn't just revising your rules for disclosure, but revising one's sense of 'appropriate-ness'. So that not so much waits for it's proper moment, much less is suppressed in favor of abstract privacy, or to conceal unpleasantness or disingeneous activity.

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