Sunday, April 04, 2004


Unpleasant. Last night, I went up to USC to go to a play. And ended up seeing Hellboy and Hollywood Ending, (both of which were better than I expected).

I had a pretty good time.

Until it came time to leave.

It was then that I was confronted with a simple problem. The car wouldn't start. Nothing. No noise, no reaction. I checked. the light switch was partially activated. Crap.

When I had drove up, it had been darkening, but not dark. So I had turned the lights on for the benefit of the other drivers, but not noticed when I got out because it was still too light out to see the headlamps.

Thus the beginning of my ardous journey in search of a jumpstart. Passerby were no use. Police didn't help. Eventually the fine people at Facilities for USC took pity on me, and sent a truck over to help. Which took about ten seconds, because the jump took very quickly. Then I was on my way.

I was able to just drive straight home, because it was mostly freeway driving, and the charge took fine. Looks like the alternator is healthy, anyway. The only downside really at all, is losing some sleep, and about a half-day of work.

I'll take a nap, and stay up late.

And in conclusion, Myers should have been burnt to a crisp at the end of Hellboy, that would have been cool, and apropos.

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