Friday, April 09, 2004

A new employee for a2i2, Paul Fidika. Another SL4 reader, Paul comes to us from the faraway land of wisconsin. He is even younger than me, at a grand ole age of 19.

We'll see how everything integrates. He seems like a sharp enough guy, I read a paper of his, called "The Seven Deadly Sins of AI", but that's about it, I don't really handle hiring or anything like that around here, so I'm getting to know him as things go.

Spirits are pretty high around here, though. Adding people, we're getting lots of stuff done. New environments, new additions to the Virtual World stuff, and even some cognitive development from Peter.

I managed to actually go out last night, have some fun. It was great, but I stayed out a bit late, considering I was planning on getting up this morning to do the shopping. I got up around 9:40AM or so, and got that done, but wasn't quite totally awake until almost 11:30. I still should probably take a nap or something. bit fuzzy.

Talked a bit about comics last night, I haven't really kept up with them, and I should probably poke around to see what's going on. The last full series I read was probably Batman:Hush, or New X-men, Evolution.

I should check on the Marvel Ultimate line too, I have really enjoyed it, although it's obviously being overshadowed by the wonderful stuff in New X-men, and such. I like the way the whole line is interacting and staying connected. My prediction was that the next big crises will be Doom, I don't know whether or not I'm right, haven't read anything since Utimate X-men something or other, where Magneto takes back the Brotherhood, and punishes his son, Quicksilver. Good stuff, definately. Can't fall behind on the geekfactor, I'll get outpaced.

Also, I have to check to make sure batgirl isn't still dating superboy. he's such a loser.

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